This website is dedicated to showcasing my graphic & digital design work produced during my studies at Greenwich University as well as other creative and art projects I collaborated on.

As a designer I really like to get hands on and into the process of ‘making’, experimenting with any materials I can find. I usually take my projects through towards digitalisation to either enhance my outcomes or to tell a whole new story of the same artwork through technology.

Enjoy browsing through my portfolio, taking you through life drawing, collaging, branding, laser cutting and more….



Who are you? Who do you want to be? What is the perception of your brand? Let’s get your brand’s message right, right now.


Is your S/M game on point? Social Media has become an art and you'll need someone with a feel for it to create the perfect content, chose the right image, design your feed and write copy at the same time in order for it to work. In case you haven't guessed it yet, we are that someone...


Are you aware of all the sales channels you could be using? Are you reaching out to the right target audiences at the right time? Have you got your price point right? You can talk to us about these topics and more.


With online sales projected to account for 50% of a company’s total retail sales in the not too distant future, there is no time left to waste and ask yourself: Have you got the right digital assets? Are they up to the expected quality standards? Does your website cater to all your visitors’ needs? Let’s go digital - the time is now!


Customers + Markets + Relationships

We don’t do ‘Get-rich-quick’. We believe in long-term value. We are Bus Dev Ninjas and we are here to help.


There are times when your business is just a lot busier than usual and you can't always have staff on standby 'just in case'. If you feel overwhelmed by the many plates you have to keep spinning just give us a call and we will allocate one of our team to help. We will work out a suitable hourly rate so you'll only end up paying for the services performed.



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 Andreas Arany-Toth

Owner/ CEO